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Linkbuilding is the foundation of SEO

There’s no way around it…

If you want to grow your site with SEO, but you aren’t actively building links, then you will never achieve truly exceptional results.

Getting on the first page for your target keywords means automated, evergreen, high-value traffic on a daily basis - and the only way to get there is with targeted, powerful backlinks.

Other SEO ‘tactics’ will come and go - but backlinks are pivotal to Google’s algorithm, and won’t be going anywhere.


Backlinks are like a digital vote of trust. A website with 100 backlinks has a lot more trust than a website with 1 backlink. A website with 1,000 backlinks has a lot more trust than a website with 100 backlinks.

That’s why the world’s best SEO agencies and websites invest in high-quality backlinks - the ROI is unmatched.

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Scale your linkbuilding with First Page to experience mind-blowing growth

Most SEO Agencies build backlinks.

But very few SEO agencies build backlinks the right way.

Here at First Page, we know what works and what doesn’t. When building backlinks, we never take the easy way out. We know that to truly transform your website’s authority, we have to build high-quality backlinks from reputable sources that Google loves.

For the last 10 years we have been helping our clients explode their website’s growth and authority by following the best and most up-to-date SEO practices. We have an entire team dedicated to outreach, and we have created a network of partners that enables us to obtain powerful backlinks quickly.

Our backlinking services are designed to…

  • Help to improve your website’s domain authority
  • Increase your referral traffic
  • Grow exposure and brand awareness
  • Improve and hold your Google rankings
  • Get your site to be seen by bots AND your target audience

With our years of experience, proprietary software, and team of Digital Strategists, we will be able to create an explosive backlink strategy for your website that helps to bring in customers and leads on autopilot.

If you are looking to grow your backlink portfolio, click the button below to contact one of our Digital Strategists today.

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Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I’ve been working with First Page on a project and so far they’ve given fantastic service. We are so happy to be connected with them. It’s been a top-quality service and I feel their passion for what they do and want to deliver. Thank you!
Caroline Langston
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page is an effective and efficient SEO agency. Thanks to Loree, our Account Manager, for her professional and reliable advice that improved the ranking of our website.
Jacko Ngai
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
We have been working with First Page for a while and their service is very thoughtful and helpful. Clarkson is great to work with and she follows up on our projects very well. We hope our collaboration continues smoothly.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page offers a professional consultancy service with a timely action plan. They helped my company to achieve our SEO target in just a few months.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
I subscribed to First Page's service last month. Their response time is super fast. Within one day of payment, the salesperson introduced me to my Account Manager and the first handover meeting was super impressive. The content and design team is also high quality.
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page is a very professional agency with valuable insights. Thanks to our Account Manager Isaac. He always helps in an efficient and pro-active way and provides solutions for our company's needs. Highly recommended.

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SEO Director FAQs

A backlink is a link from one website to another website. Some backlinks are do-follow backlinks (these pass on the most authority), and other backlinks are no-follow backlinks (these pass on little to no authority)

Backlinks have always been an integral part of Google’s algorithm. The more backlinks that a page has, the more trust that page has with Google, the higher that page will likely rank in the search results. Backlinks show Google that you are a trusted resource and will reward you with more traffic.

You can get backlinks organically from other website’s naturally linking to your content, or you can reach out to other website’s and ask for links. The best websites do a bit of both. The stronger your content, the more likely people will be willing to link to it.

Most backlinks these days are obtained through outreach. This means that we would contact owners of high-quality websites, and ask for a backlink. The process is tedious, but when scaled effectively, it goes a long way for securing, and expediting the backlink building process.

Backlinks are like a currency, so the more the merrier! Even websites with millions of backlinks are actively searching for more.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes invest in backlink campaigns. But, like most things in marketing, the higher your budget, the more effective the campaign will be. For more information about the cost of building backlinks, reach out to one of our Digital Strategists now.

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